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Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Solar Future Honk Kong

    Installation – Commercial Building Rooftops

    Commercial Buildings with large flat rooftops are an excellent site for Solar Panel Installation

    The Regulations for Solar Panel Installation on Commercial Buildings in Hong Kong are as follows:

    • Panels may only be mounted up to 1.5m above roof surface
    • IF the rooftop is “inaccessible” (does not have a stairwell leading to it): At least 7 days prior to commencement of installation, plans must be submitted to Buildings Department and signed off by a Registered Structural Engineer (RSE) and an Authorised Person (AP). Completion notice must be submitted to Buildings Department within 14 days of completion of the installation.
    • the system must be registered with EMSD once connected to the Hong Kong Grid
    • The entire rooftop may be covered in Solar Panels, there is no 50% coverage restriction as there is for Village Houses

    Construction Time:

    • Construction time will vary dependent on the rooftop size, but this will be clearly covered in our comprehensive proposal which SolarFuture will provide after a free site visit.

    Benefits of Solar PV System Installation on Commercial Buildings

    • Solar Panels act as a raised heat shield preventing heat buildup on the roof and reducing the heat load in the building, reducing air-conditioning expenses
    • Solar Panels will protect the roof from the harsh elements of the sun and rain
    • The Solar Installation will earn revenue from electricity sales to the Power Utility (CLP/ HKE), quickly paying for itself and ensuring reduced electricity costs for the Landlord for decades to come
    • Due to their size, Commercial Buildings are often able to accommodate large Solar Installations that can form a lucrative source of revenue
    • SolarFuture uses concrete blocks as ballast to hold the Solar Panels to the rooftop and in this way avoid the requirement for rooftop penetration, preserving the waterproofing integrity of the rooftop
    • SolarFuture have partnered with another firm to offer a combined package for waterproofing and Solar Panel Installation, enquire now!

    The best investment you can make in your home or building

    SolarFuture focus on building functional Renewable Energy Solar PV Systems in the Residential and Commercial sectors.


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